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A LifePlan put simply is a Strategic Operating Plan for your Life. The LifePlan process is a proven tool to help you find and live out your divine purpose and bring a sense of unity to your life.

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The two day LifePlan is designed for individuals and involves two full days of in-person facilitation from a seasoned expert in the art of facilitating. These two days are designed to bring clarity and purpose to your life.

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The three day LifePlan is designed for couples. We have added a day to the process to ensure we take the necessary time to discover and create a purposeful plan for your marriage.

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The LifePlan is the best tool available for discovering and living out your unique purpose on this planet

Our clients range in age from College Freshman to people in retirement. The optimal candidate for a LifePlan is someone who wants more from their life. They often are in a place of transition and want to make good decisions going forward, but the vast majority are people who want the next chapter of their life to be better than the last.

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  • I went through the LifePlan process with Dave Davis during a time in my life that I needed ‘big picture’ clarity. The process I went through far exceeded the expectations I had.  During our two days together, Dave provided an environment that made me feel both comfortable and challenged at the same time. He was very clear with expectations on the front end before we started, and helped me discover and realize truths about myself from previous life experiences. Matt K. - LifePlan

  • Dave led us through a careful process of discovering our values, charting key moments in church life, and setting priorities.  Following through on the Strat Op plan has led us through two years of growth in new believers, staffing, attendance, small groups, and giving.  Best of all, our church is more spiritually vibrant than ever before. “The plans of the diligent lead to profit . . .” (Proverbs 21:5).CrossRoads Church


Margie Davis

Margie is a gifted LifePlan facilitator who specializes in LifePlans for women and couples. Margie’s strengths are pushing for clarity in the midst of a complex story and leading people to breakthrough for greater purpose and peace in their lives. She encourages people to take risks, embrace their mistakes, and articulate their uniqueness.

Margie’s desire is walking with others and together creating a ripple effect of change and health. She creates safe spaces for people to experience love and acceptance. Margie is fascinated by people’s stories and journeying with them in their growth.

She lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters. You can learn more about Margie and her husband Dave at

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Dave Davis

Dave Davis has been the Executive Pastor of Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn, IL since 2009 where he works with leaders to develop people, resources and systems advancing the mission, vision and strategy of Parkview.

Before coming to Parkview, Dave spent 10 years at River Pointe Church in Sugar Land, TX where he served as the Pastor of Student Ministries, the Pastor of Creative Development and as the Executive Pastor.

Dave uses every day to advance his life mission: To help individuals and organizations move closer to their God given path. This has led Dave to serve within several non-profit organizations. He previously served as the Chicago Metro Director for Living Water International, an organization working to end the water crisis in the name of Jesus. A passion for anti-trafficking initiatives led him to previously serving on the Board of Directors for Refuge for Women and currently on the Board of Directors for NewName – both Chicago-based organizations helping exploited women transition into a new life.

Co-Founder of The Ashland Group, Dave equips churches, non-profits and corporations to find their unique purpose and develop strategies to increase impact.  In addition to doing StratOp work he is passionate about bringing clarity to individuals through the LifePlan.  Dave works with a variety of people, but is particularly focused on Senior Leaders and Creatives.

Dave is a writer and wanderer, husband to his wife Margie, and dad to his two fearless young girls.

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