The Ashland Group exists to help individuals and organizations move beyond the normal to the extraordinary.

We use proven methods to help individuals and organizations get unstuck and move deeper into their truest potential.

Church Consulting

We bring more than 25 years of church leadership experience to the table as we identify issues, work to create solutions and achieve greater clarity.

Vision Development and strategic Execution

Over the years we have worked with dozens of Senior Leaders of churches, not for profits and businesses to develop vision and to create strategic plans to execute vision.

Organizational Design

Building a structural model that is both flexible and effective is a challenge. We come alongside the Sr. Leader or Executive Leadership Team to maximize the current structure and create a strategic model for the future.

Change Management

Change is not easy, but with a plan designed to build coalition and a clear communication strategy it isn’t impossible.

Sr. Leader and Executive Team coaching

We provide in person and virtual coaching for Sr. Leaders and Executive Leadership Teams. Topics range from relational dynamics to growth management to staff transitions. We can customize coaching to meet almost any leadership need.

So much of unlocking what’s next is a fresh perspective.

Unlocking potential is what we do best. We bring clarity through the development of systems, aligning staff and ensuring vision is on target. The Ashland Group is here to serve you and your organization, we are just a click away.

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