The Strategic Operating Plan Process, facilitated by a Certified Facilitator, guides your organization to make sense of today’s realities, focus your future vision, and design and install a plan to get you there. This process is time-tested, customized to your needs, and validated by a diverse line-up of organizations.

Discover a planning system that has decades of proven case studies, gathers and extracts the best thinking from you and your leadership team, and results in a Plan-On-A-Page and Action Playbook that your team owns, installs, and manages. Behaviorally sound, this six-phase process releases your team to manage your organization as a whole, not as a collection of parts. Each step logically and systematically builds on the next, blending together the strategic, operational and financial aspects of your organization.

1. A Holistic Approach

2. Addresses the Strategic, Operational, and Financial

3. Believes it is the Enterprise that Succeeds or Fails

4. The PROCESS is a Management System

5. Adaptation is Built In

6. A Relentless War on Waste

7. Work is Reorganized by its Own Logic

8. Controls Performance Drivers towards Breakthrough

9. Develops Multi-dimensional Leader

10. Identifies Enterprise W.I.N.’s (What’s Important Now)

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