Meet the Founder

Dave Davis

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  The Ashland Group is an outward expression of my life calling.  During my own LifePlan, I discovered my mission.  I exist to help individuals and organizations find their God given purpose and live it out.  

I am a husband, father and pastor.

Meet the Co-Founder

Margie K. Davis


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The Paterson Process

Tom Paterson

The "Paterson Process" is built upon the life work of Tom Paterson. Tom's consulting career began in 1970 at the age of 45 after spending his vocational life in the corporate planning arena working with companies like Douglas Aircraft, IBM, Disney, NASA and RCA.

For the first ten years of his consulting endeavors, Tom ran a conventional prescriptive consulting practice.  Projects were organized, research performed, data analysis conducted, reports developed and client presentations delivered.  All too often, Paterson and Company owned the results, even though the client paid for it.  Tom believed there must be a better way.

Today the Paterson Process has been used with thousands of organizations and individuals to identify purpose and execute strategy.  It is a facilitated through an inductive logic sequence using the Socratic teaching method and  accomplished using great sensitivity to the different sets of realities in the room. Facilitators use flip charts to record the session, which allows for creativity and flexibility.

The Tom Paterson Process is powerful, proven and extremely effective.  Clients get more than a plan, they get tools. Planning isn't something done to them, it is something they do collaboratively.